A Guide to Your Goals

I started coaching in 2006, I was invited to go through a coach training program. I learned that after college many people in life will drift and wonder if they do not have a plan or a map. Having a boutique coaching service, over the years, people realize the importance and significance of having a coach at some point after college. My clients over the years say my greatest superpower is helping people navigate with practical teachings. I help navigate in confidence, mindset, courage, wellness, and belief systems for themselves and in their business. I have always been athletic, and Health and Wellness are just who I am. I played basketball, volleyball and ran track in school. Now I run 5K and 10K events several times a year (Not in the pandemic). Rollerblading at Santa Monica Beach or running around the parks in Los Angeles all fuel my soul.

Maintaining good habits can be a huge challenge being an entrepreneur. As we all know, being an entrepreneur is very demanding and having a good wellness plan takes commitment and dedication. Through the years people ask how I can get it all done or keep it together? The custom systems I have developed for my clients to keep them on track, I use for myself. I only take on a few clients at a time. Everything is very personal and specific for their growth and development. If you have any questions about my methods or would like to schedule a consultation, please get in touch today.

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